Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Twenty-Five reasons to worship God and make Jesus Your Lord

  1. He sent his son, Jesus, to die so that we could have a right to the tree of life.
  2. He loves you and is concerned about you, and his love is unconditional
  3. He woke you up this morning and started you on his way.
  4. He keeps you safe day in and day out, week in and week out month in and month out, year in and year out.
  5. He keeps your loved ones safe from all harm
  6. He puts food on your table
  7. He put clothes on your back
  8. He put a roof over your head, and shoes on your feet
  9. He keeps you clothed in your right mind
  10. He spared your life from the hands of the evil one
  11. He spared you from diseases
  12. He gives you life, health, and strength
  13. He meets your daily needs
  14. He's merciful
  15. He's forgiving
  16. He's Loving
  17. He's slow to anger
  18. He's patient
  19. He's understanding
  20. He gives wisdom, knowledge and understanding
  21. You can trust him
  22. You can count on him
  23. He's a true friend
  24. He'll be a mother, father, sister, and brother if you need one
  25. He wants what's best for you